Ministry for
150 Years of Ministry
The Christian Men’s Fellowship meets at the church on the first Saturday of each
month, except April.  We gather for Breakfast and then meet for about an hour.  
We host two major fundraisers during the year.  In March we host a Breakfast
Buffet, and in August we have an Ice Cream Social.  The funds raised are used
for mission projects in the area.  We serve the congregation a breakfast in
December.  We also try to be involved in small projects around the community.  
In April, we assist in putting up tents at Stillwater Retreat, an inner-city camping
ministry, and then in October, we assist in taking the tents down and putting
them in storage for the winter.

We welcome all men into our fellowship.  Please come check us out.  For more
information, call the church. 260-396-2250
The Christian Men's Fellowship